Shopping for eyeglasses?

In this article we will help you to understand the benefits of prescription eyewear, and we will provide helpful information for selecting the right lenses to meet your lifestyle demands. NewUEyewear hopes that sharing this information with you will help you easily choose the right lenses. First off, it is advisable that everyone owns a pair of prescription or non - prescription sunglasses to protect their eyes from UV rays. Here are some examples of glasses that are suited to the following activities :

Please take a few minutes to read and select / consider those activities for which you need eyeglasses, and NewUEyewear will help you decide on what is most suitable for you. Here are some examples of activities you may need different pair of glasses : dress wear, business wear, evening, sports , driving , reading, computer, public speaking, sunglasses, cooking, knitting, piano...

Lens Type:

Lens coatings

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